Thomas Kernen (Cisco)


Thomas Kernen is a Consulting Engineer working for Cisco's European Innovation Consulting Engineering Team. His main area of focus is defining video architectures and transmission solutions for content providers, broadcasters, telecom operators and IPTV Service Providers.

Prior to joining Cisco, Thomas spent ten years with different telecoms operators, including three years with a FTTH triple play operator, for whom he developed their IPTV architecture.

Thomas is a member of the IEEE, SMPTE and active in the TM-AVC group within the DVB Project.




IP Multicasting breakthrough: Automatic Multicast


The primary goal of Automatic Multicast without explicit Tunnels (AMT) is to foster the deployment of native IP multicast by enabling a potentially large number of nodes to connect to the already present multicast infrastructure. The protocol specification can be deployed in a few strategically-placed network nodes and in user-installable software modules (pseudo device drivers and/or user-mode daemons) that reside underneath the socket API of end-nodes' operating systems.


This presentation will explain the benefits of IP multicast technology and describe how it is used within the broadcasting industry today. It will then explain the current challenges to wide scale IPTV distribution using IP multicast. Finally, it will explain how Automatic Multicast without explicit Tunnels (AMT) overcomes these challenges and briefly describe the status of this specification.