Stephen Alstrup (Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Octoshape)


Stephen Alstrup is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Octoshape which is today used worldwide by millions of people.

At any place in the world, behind the worst wireless connections, on exhausted networks, during large scale events - Octoshape deliver high quality. Octoshape’s mission is to enable the next evolution of TV quality video delivery over the Internet focusing on the highest quality, highest scale, and sustainable economics. We believe that excellence in each of these categories is unique to Octoshape and will spark profitable business models giving way to the next phase in the explosion of Internet delivered video. Using patented throughput optimization technology to blast through last mile congestion and latency problems delivering the highest quality, most resilient Internet video available in the space today.

Prior to founding Octoshape, he was associate professor of The IT University of Copenhagen, where he established and led the Algorithm Group. Dr Alstrup received his PhD in Theoretical Computer Science from the University of Copenhagen in 1999. During his professional carrier, he has worked as a consultant and in research group on large scale problems for enterprises such as AT&T, Google, and Microsoft.




Octoshape’s CloudMass and Open-Web Multicast: The Unique Approach to Large Scale, Cost-optimized, HD Internet Streaming


Cloudmass is a cloud-based CDN service providing instant and flexible global infrastructure that dynamically expands and contracts to best deliver top-quality video via the Internet. It aggregates the resources of cloud providers who can dynamically create the largest global cloud streaming infrastructure available. Capacity planning and last-minute equipment deployment is a thing of the past and is a fraction of the cost of today's traditional infrastructure. Cloudmass uses innovative software that works with cloud service providers to auto provision resources based on demand. Drawing from the global cloud enables content streamers to reach a broader audience without paying for resources traditionally necessary to ensure performance. Multicast has long been chosen to efficiently deliver video over private enterprise and TV networks, and now can be used effectively in public networks while managing a high QoS. Octoshape proved it's possible, using the technology to deliver live video to viewers in over 100 countries for a Major League Gaming event. As noted in AT&T CTO John Donovan's blog, "At the event, AT&T and Octoshape delivered an instant-on high quality viewing experience to a wide range of connected devices and operating systems. Bringing this capability to the open Internet could fundamentally change the rules that govern online distribution today.