Broadcast Quality

This Seminar addressed decision-makers as well as engineers for a better understanding of each other's constraints and requirements in audiovisual quality.  The presentations given at this event:

2 October                                  
Why Quality is important
Phil Laven (EBU)
Strategy:  trade-offs between quality, cost & bandwidth
John Ive (Consultant)
How to engineer Quality? What is done today?
Kevin Murray (NOS)
Different quality for different platforms
Ralf Schaefer (Thomson)
Rainer Schaefer (IRT)
SMPTE avier Pouyat (Microsoft)
New video codecs:  manufacturers's challenges Giles Wilson
Multichannel audio compression
Gerhard Stoll (IRT)
Sound quality & the use of synthetic app.
  Stefan Meltzer (Coding Technologies)
3 October  
Display technology & perceived video quality
Dave Bancroft
Video display signal processing
Gerard de Haan (Philips)
Audiovisual quality on the move
Miska Hannuksela (Nokia)
Consumer displays:  Do they provide good SD & ID pict?
Roy Brooker (Research & Testing Centre)
2006 world cup coverage in Europe
Per Boehler (NRK)
Optimum relationship between Audio & Video quality Ricardo Pastrana Vidal (France Telecom)
Small screens on trial:  DVB-H & DMB on mobile TV
Jon Holden-Dye (Arqiva)
BBC experiences on HDTV rollout John Zubrzycki (BBC)


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