Wireless Media Distribution Beyond 2020

ETSI and the EBU are pleased to announce an important and timely event to examine the future of the delivery of audiovisual media services.
The event “Wireless media distribution beyond 2020” will took place on 6 May 2015, at ETSI's Headquarters in Sophia Antipolis (South of France).
This event aimed to identify the necessary steps that would facilitate distribution of media services in the context of 5G, keeping in mind the consumer interest as well as the long-term business, operational and regulatory requirements of different stakeholders.
5G is expected to be able to provide ubiquitous connectivity combined with ‘always sufficient’ capacity, low latency and high throughput, all on a cost- and energy efficient basis.
The ambition is that the future 5G ecosystem would support a virtually unlimited number of connected devices and an all-encompassing range of use cases, thus providing essential infrastructure for many different industries. This should naturally include audio-visual media services and applications which will continue to be popular in the future.
Audiovisual services are provided in response to consumer demand and to fulfill public policy objectives. If 5G is to play a role in a large-scale delivery of audiovisual services, it has to be capable of supporting evolving user behaviour and all relevant types of linear, on-demand and converged media services. It should also have the flexibility to be used in combination with other delivery mechanisms, e.g. broadcast and fixed broadband networks, in order to provide a consistent user experience. Beyond the technical developments, this may require re-thinking market models and associated regulation to develop an ecosystem which supports a viable business activity for all actors.

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