3D TV Production Master Class

Is 3D television the next must-have in home entertainment? The technology is there, but there isn't enough content. Using 3D effectively to produce quality content is paramount to the success of 3D. It's up to the content-makers to get things right. With the latest equipment and the best studio setting you can have for a course, we hope you have discovered how to shoot great 3D pictures.

The outcome for you

- To know the overall grammar and workflow of producing television programmes in 3D:
   live events versus studio productions, single versus multi-camera shooting.
- To test-shoot in 3D (understand parallel and converged shooting and why we need to use a mirror rigs), and
   evaluate what makes good 3D shots.
- To understand how to organise stereo 3D data in post-production (3D alignment, 3D Depth balancing, 3D colour



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