3D TV Production

The first EBU Masterclass on 3D production kicked-off on 23 August in Studio 2 of the TPC production centre in Zurich Switzerland.

The course had been organised in cooperation between EBU TECHNICAL and EBU TRAINING in response to EBU Members asking for more advice and insights in creating "good" 3D content.

World leading 3D expert Phil Streather, who has been responsible for several recent 3D productions, led the participants through theory and praxis. The fully booked Masterclass first provided the baseline theoretical knowledge, and then gave clear focus on the creative skills required to create high quality 3D content.

Participants themselves shot 3D scenes and adjusted them later in post-production. To accommodate the "hands-on 3D" character of the Masterclass several manufacturers supported the course with their newest equipment. Two complete high-end 3D systems had been installed in Studio 2, and a crew of specialists from TPC supported the participants in their shootings, post-production and analysis.

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