Joining forces to improve Cybersecurity in Media

Photo: Fotis Fotopoulos, Unsplash

During this webinar, our presenters will present the EBU's view on the status of cybersecurity in media systems and present relevant recommendations. Vendors and media organizations will then discuss how to better collaborate to improve cybersecurity in the media industry.

In 2022, EBU Media Cybersecurity experts scanned more than one hundred networked devices designed for use in media production environments – with mixed results, which will be presented in this webinar. The EBU Media Cybersecurity group also published the latest version of Recommendations R143 – Cybersecurity Recommendations for Media Vendors’ Systems, Software and Services – for vendors to apply in their product design, and media organizations in their procurement decisions. The group aims to facilitate and continuously improve the collaboration and exchange between media organizations and vendors and strenghten cybersecuirty in media.


  • Jakob Pfister, IT-Security Engineer, ARGE RBT, Germany
  • Gerben Dierick, CISO, VRT, Belgium


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