Evaluating AI-based fact checking tools – a vera.ai webinar

The Horizon Europe project vera.ai - short for ‘VERification Assisted by Artificial Intelligence’ - aims to tackle the problem of disinformation through the user-centred development of professional AI-based verification tools. The project gathers 14 experienced partner organizations for 3 years, including the EBU and Member organization Deutsche Welle. Now entering its second year, the project is kicking off its evaluation phase.

In this EBU webinar, we invite professional factcheckers, journalists and researchers from our membership and beyond, to learn about the vera.ai project, and how to take part the evaluation of its prototypes. The project will be presented by AI and Data Initiative coordinator Lalya Gaye, who will be joined by Derek Bowler from the Eurovision Social Newswire, and our colleagues Anna Schild and Eva Lopez from Deutsche Welle to answer all your questions.

Get a sneak peek at what exciting AI-based verification tools the project is developing, and find out how you can contribute to making them fit into professional workflows!

vera.ai is co-financed by the European Union, Horizon Europe programme, Grant Agreement No 101070093. Additional funding is provided by Innovate UK grant No 10039055, and the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) under contract No 22.00245.

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