An Introduction to the project

The new EU project - short for ‘VERification Assisted by Artificial Intelligence’ - aims to tackle the problem of disinformation with the help of AI.

Kicked off last September and scheduled to run over 3 years, the project gathers 14 experienced partner organizations including the EBU and Member organization Deutsche Welle. Together, the consortium aims to develop professional trustworthy AI solutions that can help to unmask and neutralize advanced disinformation techniques. 

In this EBU webinar, we will introduce the project, describe the EBU's focus on the user needs of newsroom professionals, detail our upcoming activities, and explain how you can take part. The project will be presented by AI and Data Initiative coordinator Lalya Gaye, who will be joined by Derek Bowler from the Eurovision Social Newswire, and our colleagues at Deutsche Welle to answer all your questions.

We welcome EBU Members, factchecking professionals from beyond our membership, and anyone interested in how AI can help tackle disinformation, to join us for this webinar!