AIM workshop: Get the most out of your radio programs with AI

In this webinar, we will explore the transformative role of AI in reshaping the world of radio and its potential to help push traditional boundaries to create new listening experiences and new ways of using programs.

Radio has always been the medium for reaching a wide audience, for creativity and spontaneity, driven by freedom of sound and expression, with the unique advantage of being heard anytime, anywhere. But in the digital age, listeners' expectations and desires are changing, and listening to live programming is not the only possible experience. AI is emerging as a game changer in this landscape, opening up unprecedented opportunities to enhance radio content for search, reuse and consumption. It's not just about making radio more compelling by creating new content; AI is redefining accessibility and introducing new levels of interactivity, making every listening experience more personal and impactful than ever before. Join us as we explore how AI, and in particular generative AI, is enhancing radio content to create new user experiences.

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  1. Enhancing Radio: Tools for the Italian language – Paolo Casagranda  (RAI)
  2. Radio content chaptering and tagging – Ivan Thomas (Radio France)
  3. Experiences with automatic segmentation, summarisation and tagging of Radio content – Andrew McParland (BBC)
  4. Good enough? Use case-driven hits and misses from Yle Archives – Lauri Saarikoski (Yle)
  5. Panel Discussion



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