Wikidata Workshop

This workshop is held in collaboration with IPTC and explores the use of Wikidata concepts when dealing with metadata in media applications.

Since its inception in late 2012, Wikidata has become one of the largest and most prominent collections of open data on the web, consisting of more than 400 million statements and over 45 million entities. It is one of the most active projects of the Wikimedia Foundation in terms of contributors.


Timing: from 10:00 to 18:00 CET.

The workshop explores how broadcasters and media organizations use Wikidata to tag, enrich and enhance their content. It includes joint session on using Wikidata with IPTC media topics, and concludes with a roundtable discussion of the issues and business perspectives around the usage of Wikidata for media.

With presentations from: Yle, RAI, France TV, IPTC, Gruppo RES, Media Press, Perfect Memory, New York Times, NTB, Imatrics


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