Tools enabling the Metaverse

Join this Tech Roundtable to learn about the idea of a 'Public Service Metaverse' and the tools and pipelines that enable the creation of animated characters and worlds in different production scenarios. It is held by the EBU Media Department and EBU Technology & Innovation CG (computer generated) animation group.


  • PSM: public service metaverse – Wouter Quartier & Grace Zakka (EBU Media department)
  • “SMART”:  computer graphics animation pipelines using  off-the-shelf equipment (e.g., iPhone, webcams) and a game engine -– Ultan Courtney (RTE)
  • Characters animation in realtime for “broadcast” production scenarios – Roberto Iacoviello (RAI)
  • The Peetie club, low cost green screen virtual production and next steps, from 2D  to 3D animation – Gregg Young (VRT)
  • Orter, a virtual design workflow built on game engines that allows TV and film production crews to visualize and try out ideas for set designs and camera angles in pre-production – Petri Karlsson (YLE)
  • Brainstorming


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