Security for production in the cloud – MovieLabs

This webinar is open to all and will be held in collaboration with MovieLabs.

TV and motion picture production is moving to cloud infrastructure. Cloud resources are potentially available to every collaborator, internal and external. Extending conventional security perimeters around the cloud is extremely complex to manage, and complexity is the enemy of security.
In 2019 MovieLabs presented a new security model for production in the cloud. This approach is designed to not impede creative work, protects against threats of unauthorized access and egress of assets, and protects the integrity of the workflows. In January 2021, MovieLabs in publishing an architecture as the first step to the realization of such a security model.

Presenter: Spencer Stephens

Stephens is MovieLab’s Lead Technologist, Production Security and he operates TechXMedia, a Los Angeles based consultancy focused on cybersecurity and technology for M&E production and distribution. He was one of the authors of the Movielabs whitepaper The Evolution of Media Creation, a 10-year vision funded by the major Hollywood studios. He was the principle author of the accompanying Securing the 2030 Vision whitepaper which presents a radically new security model for protecting content production.

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