Radio Production in the Cloud

This EBU tech roundtable is organized by the EBU Radio Production group and will focus on radio production in the cloud.

The roundtable is split in two parts: the first one is open to EBU Members ONLY. The second half invites industry representatives.

PART 1, 13:30-16:15 CEST

  • YLE - Broadcasting using the cloud: what learned so far (10 minutes)
  • NPO - Production system in the cloud  (10 minutes)
  • VRT - VRT mobile remote studios (10 minutes)
  • Q&A (15 minutes)

PART 2, 16:15-17:00 CEST

  • Jutel - On-hertz and Omniplayer (20 minutes)
  • Q&A (15 minutes)

The Roundtable is moderated by Richard Courtice (BBC) who is leading the work within the EBU Radio Production group


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