Personalized Sound Experiences: AC-4

The multimedia world is moving towards more engaging end-user experiences, and audio is an important aspect of this.

These audio experiences include personalization and interactivity, allowing the listeners to optimize the audio experience for their needs. This may include improving intelligibility (e.g. increasing dialogue volume relative to the background), or selecting dialogue of a preferred language. Immersiveness is another feature, delivering more realistic and impressive auditory experiences, as well as flexibility and compatibility with headphones, a multitude of speaker layouts and environments.

The key to enabling these features is metadata and new audio codecs called NGA (Next Generation Audio) codecs. This webinar provides an overview on one of these codecs, AC-4, and its latest development including the support of ADM (Audio Definition Model) based workflows.

The webinar is open to everyone


Speakers: Jason Power, Tobias Habann, Jan-Hendrik Hanschke, Benoît Leteneur (Dolby)



  • The next generation audio experience – immersive, personalised, accessible
  • AC4 market deployment. Latest status of broadcast/OTT services and trials globally.
  • Trends in TV NGA capabilities and UI
  • AC4 for HbbTV and DVB-I – opportunities for service innovation, NGA capabilities of the HbbTV2.0.2/3 and DVB-I specifications  
  • Case study of TVP Kultura – HD channel with AC4 audio via DVB-T2
  • Using open content production standards (ADM, SADM) with AC-4. Proof of concept tools, mixing desk integration, example workflows.
  • Case study of France TV Roland Garros tennis championship
  • Q&A


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