GAIA-X – The Next Gen Data Infrastructure for Europe

This EBU Tech Roundtable aims to kick off a conversation on the proposed GAIA-X European cloud infrastructure and the potential use-cases for media organization in Europe.

Most European organizations face business imperatives to adopt Cloud technologies, yet today, only large US-based service providers can provide the end-to-end cloud services these companies need.

GAIA-X project was founded in 2020 by the EU to develop common requirements for a sovereign European data infrastructure that better meet the demands of European players in terms of interoperability, transparency, security, privacy and resilience.

In addition to these general objectives and key requirements, GAIA-X aims at developing an open ecosystem of transversal or industry-specific applications for the creation of new business models and data spaces.
EBU members and the audience will be invited to share on their vision and use cases for a 'federated EU Cloud', how it could help the media industry improve operations, comply with existing regulations, innovate and create new business opportunities all along media workflows.


  • Veronique Demilly (France TV)
  • Florian Sutz (SRG SSR)
  • Jesse Robbers (TNO)


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