Hybrid and Cloud Production Case Study – BBC Springwatch

Join this webinar to learn how BBC R&D is bringing together ML-based computer vision and other automation tools in its Cloud infrastructure, and how the organization thinks media production in the cloud should work.

BBC R&D has been collaborating with the BBC's Natural History Unit to investigate ways to use computer vision and machine learning to aid with the production of wildlife programming, using these technologies to monitor footage and extract the moments of interest.

When Covid-19 forced the BBC NHU to switch Springwatch to be remotely produced television production it also provided an opportunity to move those video analysis tools into the cloud – and to collectively consider how media production with cloud-based infrastructure should work in general. This talk will describe that transition to the cloud and the opportunities it has opened up.


  • Matthew Judge (BBC R&D)
  • James Sandford (BBC R&D)
  • Oscar Schafer (BBC R&D)
  • Peter Brightwell (BBC R&D)


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