STT Benchmarking

In this webinar, makers and users of the opensource 'STT Benchmarking' tool will explain the tool's principles, useful metrics and applications. The second part of the webinar addresses developers and provides an overview of the code and guidance for its integration. 

This webinar is free of charge.

On the agenda

Part 1: STT Benchmarking, metrics and use-cases – Eyal Lavi (BBC) and Alexandre Rouxel (EBU)

  • Why make an opensource tool for benchmarking?
  • The normalizer
  • Metrics for STT
  • The tool in use:
    • Amira Oussalah (FTV)
    • Alberto Messina (RAI)
    • Carl-Johan Rosén (Swedish Radio)

Part 2: Software architecture and interactive coding – Mike Smith (Consultant)

  • GitHub project overview for developers, set-up of the dev environment
  • SW architecture: an overview of the code, and the associated tools, doc and UM
  • Coding session 1: Introduction to extending the toolkit – creating a custom normalizer
  • Coding session 2: Extending the toolkit: creating a custom metric


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