An update on JT-NM Tested

The third round of the JT-NM Tested programme was completed during March and April 2020. The programme is designed to give prospective buyers a view on which IP production equipment supports a range of key interoperability protocols. As the catalogues detailing the results of the latest round of testing were published, this free webinar provided an overview, highlighting the key trends that emerged and the implications for those undertaking or considering a move to IP-based infrastructure for live production.

JT-NM is the Joint Task Force on Networked Media. The EBU's partners in the consortium are AMWA, SMPTE and the VSF.


The COVID-19 crisis led to the cancellation of the planned phyiscal event in Houston, Texas, where the results of mandatory self-testing were to have been validated. As a result, the range of what could be validated by the JT-NM Tested team was narrowed.

In the absence of a face-to-face event, it was impossible for the expert teams to validate all of the self-testing results and award the resulting JT-NM Tested badges. It was decided to award a new category of badge indicating that the product has been “Self-tested according to the JT-NM Test plan”. An exception to this was the testing of NMOS controllers, successfully performed by the team remotely over a cloud VPN solution. This allowed the award of standard “JT-NM Tested” badges for the products that had taken part in these tests.

Presenters and topics

  • Brad Gilmer (AMWA / JT-NM) – general introduction
  • Ievgen Kostiukevych (EBU / JT-NM) – programme description, impact of the crisis and closing thoughts
  • Willem Vermost (VRT) – ST 2110 test plan and results
  • Andrew Bonney (BBC R&D) – NMOS/TR-1001-1 test plan and results
  • Sunday Nyamweno (CBC/Radio-Canada) – NMOS broadcast controllers testing and results
  • Gerben Dierick (VRT) – cybersecurity assessment results


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