How to make 5G fit for media production and distribution

Join this webinar to learn if, how, and in some cases when, media organizations will be able to effectively use 5G for their purposes. The webinar will also discuss current R&D efforts, global standardization, industry collaborations, and the EU funded 5G Records project.


  • Will media organizations be able to leverage available 5G infrastructure to tie cameras, microphones and other equipment into their live event productions?
  • When will low latency connections be possible?
  • Will media organizations be able to deploy private and dedicated 5G-based production infrastructures?
  • Will the transfer speeds made possible by 5G scale well enough to deliver high-quality media experiences to thousands, even millions of users, live?
  • Will broadcast (one to many) be an option for the distribution of live content over 5G?
  • ... and more.


  • Ian Wagdin (BBC)
  • Antonio Arcidiacono (EBU, 5G-MAG)
  • Roland Beutler (SWR/ARD)
  • David Gomez-Barquero (Technical University of Valencia, 5G Records)

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