5G in content production

Live on 6 May 2020 at 14:00 - 15:00 CEST

In this webinar, Ian Wagdin (BBC), Chair of the 5GCP group, Maria Dolores Pérez Guirao (Sennheiser) and Morten Brandstrup (TV2 Denmark) will present how 5G fits in the ongoing evolution of production technology and workflows.

5G allows networks to be built for a very high bandwidth, low latency, and high reliability. It also comes with a number of possible deployment options including public and private mobile networks, and can be combined with emerging technologies such as mobile edge computing. This could make 5G a good candidate for use in IP-based content production and contribution applications.

The webinar will also summarize some of the main results of the work done in the EBU's 5G in Content Production (5GCP) group, which gathers EBU Members and industry partners. The group has identified a number of production use cases where 5G may play a role and has contributed these to the relevant standardisation bodies, such as 3GPP. This study has also defined a number of requirements that are being developed into technical specifications purely for audiovisual video production. Some of those are low latency links for radio microphones and cameras, while others are around high reliability and reducing packet error rate, to enable functionality beyond news production.


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