The Easy-NMOS starter kit for developers

This workshop for EBU Members gives an overview of Easy-NMOS – an accessible way to get started with AMWA NMOS, the suite of open control specifications for Live IP installations.

Presenter: Richard Hastie (NVIDIA)

The session will also include a practical demonstration of how to set up easy-NMOS, and a Q&A.

Topics covered

  • Easy-NMOS overview
    • What it is, and its component parts
    • How it came to exist and how it was developed
    • How it can be used
    • Who can benefit
  • What you need to get started
    • The pre-requisites
    • The technologies you need to be familiar with
  • First steps to using easy-NMOS
    • How to get a hold of easy-NMOS
    • What it gives you access to - the registry, virtual node and testing suite
  • How to use easy-NMOS
    • Installation
    • Configuration
    • Getting it running
  • How you can be confident that this provides a valid representation of a running system
    • Checks against the test suite
    • Checked against the JT-NM Tested criteria
  • NMOS specifications supported by easy-NMOS
    • Interface Specifications (ISs)
    • Best Current Practices (BCPs)
    • Additional features


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