The state of play in Live IP

Join this webinar to learn how far high-performance Live IP production technology based on SMPTE ST 2110 has matured, how some of the first large-scale deployments have gone, wish-lists from first-hand users, essential tools, and more.


  • Gap analysis of supporting standards, specifications and protocols: the “EBU Pyramid” – Willem Vermost (VRT), Félix Poulin (CBC/Radio-Canada)
  • Special tools for the job: The EBU Live IP Software Toolkit (EBU LIST) – Ievgen Kostiukevych (EBU)
  • Lessons learned from some of the first large-scale ST 2110 based facilities:
    • The BBC Cardiff facility – Mark Patrick (BBC)
    • The SRF Zurich facility – Sandro Furter (SRF)
    • CBC/Radio-Canada's new facility – Félix Poulin (CBC/Radio-Canada)



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