Audio Definition Model for absolute beginners

This webinar provides an overview of the Audio Definition Model (ADM) for audio metadata and addresses producers and implementers of innovative audio content and technology. It is open to everyone.

The multimedia world is moving towards more engaging end-user experiences, and audio is an important aspect of this.

These audio experiences include personalization and interactivity, allowing the listener to optimize the audio experience for their needs. This may include improving intelligibility (e.g. increasing dialogue volume relative to the background), or selecting dialogue of a preferred language. Immersiveness is another feature, delivering more realistic and impressive auditory experiences, as well as flexibility and compatibility with headphones and a multitude of speaker layouts.

The key to enabling these features is metadata, which is sent alongside the content to describe the intended audio experience as completely as possible. The ADM (Audio Definition Model), specified in ITU-R BS.2076, is now the standardized model for this metadata.

Speaker: David Marston (BBC)

What you will learn

  • What is the ADM and Serial ADM (S-ADM), through use of examples
  • How the ADM manages interactivity
  • What is a profile, and how profiles will live along an end-to-end workflow
  • S-ADM over AES3
  • Reactions of the industry to ADM/S-ADM
  • Status of the integration of ADM/S-ADM in MXF/IMF
  • Tools and software to play with the ADM


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