5G for the distribution of media content

Live on 18 June 2020 at 14:00 - 15:30 CEST

In this webinar, Roland Beutler (SWR), Andrew Murphy (BBC), Assunta De Vita (RAI), Simon Elliott (BBC), and Jordi J. Giménez (5G-MAG) talked about the role 5G could play in the distribution of audiovisual media content.

Typically, broadcasters make use of purpose built, broadcast-specific technology for the delivery of their linear radio and TV services. However, the need to target tablets and smartphones with content, as well as a desire to provide interactive and on-demand services, means that mobile and IP technologies are also of relevance.

5G, as a general purpose telecommunications technology, targets a wealth of use cases – from factories to driverless cars and of course enhanced mobile broadband.

Where do broadcaster requirements around media delivery fit into the 5G landscape?

This public webinar explored that question, looking at the motivation and background to the interest in 5G before going on to talk about potential deployment aspects of the technology. It also addressed capabilities and practical aspects, including 5G tests & trials carried out by broadcasters. Finally,it looked at how to enable the market for 5G devices that support the potential needs of broadcasters.


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