26th EBU Technical Assembly

The annual Technical Assembly takes stock of two things: current and future technology trends that impact the media industry, and the work done in EBU Strategic Programmes and project groups on behalf of the EBU Membership. The TA also reviews and endorses the Workplan guiding the EBU Technology & Innovation department. 

In even years, such as 2020, the Technical Assembly also elects the 13 Members of the Technical Committee, which oversees the work of the Strategic Programmes headquartered at EBU Technology & Innovation.

The event is a unique opportunity for the technology leaders of EBU Members to meet with their peers and to share information of common interest.

Due to COVID-19, the 26th Technical Assembly was exceptionally held not in June but on 6 & 7 October, and online.


The Technical Assembly 2020 featured keynotes by high-level speakers representing the media industry and EU policymakers.

Proud to present

EBU Member organizations showcased a range of projects that represented:

  • milestones in the organization’s service offering
  • transformative efforts that have streamlined operations or enabled new ways of working
  • innovations in how the organization reaches its audiences and/or responds to its audiences’ needs

Time to discuss

With the Technical Assembly being held online, we creating plenty of opportunities for conversations, discussions and networking – the elements that make attending an event in person valuable.


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