The 'Make it Digital' initiative
– an introduction

This Webinar addresses EBU Members who would like to learn more about the Make it Digital concept.

Make it Digital is an ambitious initiative to inspire audiences to build the skills they need to be successful in the fast-changing digital world. It aims to deliver a relevant, accessible and engaging way into the world of digital and tech opportunities. Creating a level playing field when it comes to digital skills and knowledge is vital, because so much of what we do every day is shaped by the digital technology around us.

The initiative was pioneered by the BBC and has already been adopted by Icelandic broadcaster RUV.

The EBU is now partnering with the BBC to make the concept available to other countries and public service media.

Interested? Join the Webinar and start a dialogue with the initiative's creators and supporters.

Topics during the Webinar

  • Introduction to the project
  • What the BBC have been doing
  • What is the micro:bit foundation?
  • An example of the Make it Digital initiative in action
  • Audience participation - what questions do you have?
  • How to start a Make it Digital project in your country
  • Resources and contacts
  • Next steps and statements of interest

Hosted by

cecil300x300.jpg             fell300x300.jpg             eeman300x300.jpg

Jessica Cecil (BBC)     Simon Fell (EBU)         Ezra Eeman (EBU)

With contributions from RUV, micro:bit and other parties.

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