Agile and Scrum for software development

Aurélie BOITEUX-small.JPGNote: This webinar is for Members only.

This webinar gives an introduction to the Agile mindset and principles for software development and the Scrum process framework for cross-functional teams.

Agile principles encourage an iterative approach to software development with frequent validation points and a high level of self-organization and individual accountability, allowing development groups to respond quickly to evolving business needs. The Scrum framework is the most frequently used project management methodology in Agile and seeks to maximize productivity by keeping the required management overhead low.

The webinar is presented by Aurelie Boiteux, Scrum Master for the EBU-managed PEACH project team. The project is used by several EBU-Members to pool their resources and collaboratively develops the project’s Recommendation Pipeline, Single Sign-On and Data Scientist platforms.



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