FIMS Workshop: Developing code in an open source framework

FIMS (Framework for Interoperable Media Services) has acquired a strong reputation and is well known by the industry. Its mission is to provide more interoperability, scalability and flexibility for more agile workflow adaptation to new businesses. Success in achieving this goal is more critical than ever.
We know from IBC and NAB that the challenge remains to facilitate faster market adoption while fostering innovation. For that purpose, we now want to give the priority to developers to contribute to our specifications. Therefore, we invite you to code first! Your developments (or good code) will then be transcribed into our specifications.

How do  we want to do this? 

We plan to offer an open source platform on github (fims-tv) so that code and runtime can be exchanged. We want to skip the “read the specification” phase and allow developers to be able to grab the code they need for faster integration into mash-ups. We welcome sharing more implementation examples and receiving feedback during the event and we are also looking for new ideas from the perspective of implementers to help us foster innovation.

Join the workshop

Interested in particpating? Join us at our upcoming workshop to share ideas on how to realise this change in our working practices. Our target audience for this event: developers, implementers, and integrators
A similar event will be organised in the USA soon.
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