Europeana is an integrated portal facilitating access to European cultural digital objects in numerous and various types of institutions via national aggregators. Europeana'goal is to enable citizens across Europe to access this valuable material in ways unimaginable before; through a well designed portal but also at places where they are already active, such as social networks. The re-use of this material in turn will will foster a true dialogue and create new value through mash-ups and companies able to create new business out of the aggregation of this material, such as semantic operators. The EBUCore has been mapped to the Europeana Semantic Elements (ESE, a Dublin Core based metadata set). The Europeana Data Model (EDM) reuses a significant number of properties from EBUCore RDF.




The EUscreen Best Practice Network aims at achieving a highly interoperable digitised collection of television material. Building on EBU Core and open web standards EUscreen has developed a portal to access the audiovisual collections of Europe themselves and with Europeana in particular. EUScreen delivers metadata to Europeana in the form of Linked Open Data using the RDF representation of EBUCore.

EBU members: BBC, DR, DW, ORF, RAI, RTBF, RTE, RTSlovenia, TVP, TVR, VRT, CzechTV,

National Archives: HNAA (Greece), INA (France), Beeld and Geluid (The Netherlands), Memoriav (Switzerland).

As technology provider, EBU has brought the EBUCore metadata specification, which is used to aggregate, store and exchange metadata, including RDF linked data,  within the project and with Europeana.  

The project was closed in 2016.