Assistance for DTTB Implementation

Although public broadcasters are available on pay-TV platforms such as satellite, cable and IPTV, Terrestrial Television (Analogue and DTT) remains the backbone to free-to-air TV access and the most widely used means of receiving television globally. Over 300 million households receive Analogue TV and nearly 200 million households receive DTT, of which around 120 million are in Europe. Despite its success, many countries around the world are yet to begin or complete the digital switchover process.

Given DTT’s unique social and economic opportunities, governments, broadcasters and other industry stakeholders should maximise their collaboration to accelerate the roll out of DTT.

To help promote the win-win scenario successful DTT offers, EBU, BNE and DVB have embarked on a process to share knowledge and bring DTT experts together to facilitate the introduction of successful DTT in countries still reliant on analogue TV.

Visit the event page at the ITU website.