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The 2017 maintenance phase has now started. 

The Nordic countries have now agreed on using TV-Anytime as the common data format for exchanging EPG and on-demand metadata. This is excellent news.

The FIMS schema will be migrated to github for implementers to propose changes. More information will be shared on the TVA reflectors soon.

Where do you find TV-Anytime?

EBU TV-Anytime News

Where do you find TV-Anytime?






The Organization


WG Business Model

WG System and Content Referencing

WG Metadata

WG Rights Management and Protection 

More details

If you want to know more about TV-Anytime, you are invited to read the following book from Alberto Gil and Rafael Sotelo from the University of Vigo..

Title: "TV-Anytime: paving the way for personalized TV"

Authors: Alberto Gil and Rafael Sotelo

Ed. Springer



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