EBU-TT Part 3 Live Subtitling

EBU Tech 3370

This document is Part 3 of the EBU-TT series. It specifies how to use EBU-TT for the production and contribution of live subtitles. This is version 1.0.

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This publication describes how EBU‑TT can be used in a broadcasting environment to carry subtitles that are created in real time (“live” or from a prepared file) from an authoring station to an encoder prior to distribution, via intermediate processing units. It does this by specifying:

  • a system model consisting of processing nodes that pass streams of subtitles along a chain;
  • a content profile based on EBU‑TT Part 1 specifying the data format of each document in a live subtitle stream;
  • a mechanism by which content providers can model and potentially improve synchronisation between the subtitles and the audio to which they relate;
  • a mechanism for interoperable management of the handover from one subtitler to the next, to generate a single output subtitle stream.
  • an extension facility to allow other types of live documents to be defined in future specifications, for example for passing messages between subtitlers

See the EBU-TT-Live Interoperability Toolkit for an open source implementation of this specification.

A changelog with pointers to previous versions is available here.

Note carriage of EBU‑TT Part 3 over WebSocket is specified in EBU Tech 3370s1.


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Russian version of EBU Tech 3370 [2015] - Special thanks to EBU Member RTR.