Production systems and media formats for Radio, TV and Online media services

The scope of the Strategic Programme (SP) on Production covers Radio, TV and other media services. It comprises the evolution of production systems and the underlying media formats (audio, video and metadata).

This SP brings together a wealth of knowledge from across the membership and helps to:

  • ensure efficiency, continuity and quality in using state-of-the art production tools
  • address day-to-day problems Public Service Media organisations encounter

EBU Members facing a production challenge are encouraged to contact the Chair(s) and coordinator(s).


  • Enable the transition to UHDTV, including High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Study further video improvements, such as High Frame Rate (HFR)
  • Enable the transition to Next Generation Audio (NGA)
  • Ensure and improve the end-user Quality of Experience
  • Represent EBU members' needs in the evolution of production systems (e.g. news, archives)
  • Work towards universal production workflows for metadata
  • Progress Automatic Metadata Extraction and workflow automation
  • Leverage Artifical Intelligence (AI) to support content production (e.g. NLP, face recognition)
  • Study multi-versioning for live and non-live productions
  • Improve the accessibility of media services

The deliverables of the groups that form part of this Strategic Programme are listed on the relevant group pages.