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Video Systems

Provides strategic and technical advice on all aspects of video images, including quality assessment, access services and workflows. Topics include HDTV, UHDTV, HDR, HFR, AR, VR, MR, MXF, IMF and EBU-TT.


The EBU helps broadcasters produce and distribute high-quality subtitles for multi-platform consumption by standardizing subtitling formats for live and prepared subtitles.


Flat panel displays without cathode-ray tube (CRT) are increasingly substituting traditional CRT-based displays in the television production environment. The EBU is investigating this.

Beyond HD

Improvements in displays, video compression efficiency, chip gate density, and more will continue to shape the future of television. Broadcasters need to keep abreast of new technologies.


Every two years, the EBU develops a roadmap for technology and innovation activities based on the requirements and inputs given by EBU Members.

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