RadioDNS is to host its first General Assembly at EBU Headquarters and is inviting all interest parties to take part. RadioDNS aims to create a DNS-like 'look-up' system for all kinds of radios. The idea is that if your (FM, AM, WiFi, PC, DAB, DRM, DMB, ...) radio could find out more about the channel you are listening to, it could provide all sorts of additional services. Examples are visual information, EPGs or even tagging of the programme you are listening to.


Simple spec


The technical spec (RDSN01) for the RadioDNS system is fairly simple, as it builds on the IETF's DNS specification (RFC 1034). It resembles the TV-Anytime Content Referencing ID (CRID) work, which also relies on RFC 1034, but is oriented towards television.


Origin in DAB and RDS


RadioDNS is a concept arising from work done on DAB and RDS. It’s supporters include broadcasters ABC, BBC, ClearChannel, EBU and RTE. Some commercially available Internet radios already integrate RadioDNS, so the project's supporters found it time to formalise the organsiation's structure.



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