The MUSCADE European consortium organizes a workshop targeting the production, transmission, rendering and display of more immersive 3D content than 'just' stereo 3D. In addition to keynote and paper sessions, a number of 3D demonstrations introducing new 3D audio experiences and more compelling 3D interactivity platforms will be presented to attendees.


Next generation 3D

The EBU is a partner in the MUSCADE project, keeping an eye on what next generation 3DTV systems may look like. Contrary to stereo 3DTV, multi-view 3DTV allows viewers to look at a scene from various angles, creating a more immersive 3D experience, as viewers are able to 'look around' objects to a certain degree.



The MUSCADE demos include a multi-view camera rig, stereo to multi-view conversion, 3D depth adjustment for the living room, an interactive platform with a 3D blender model and the simulation of a 3DTV transmission chain. A light field display may also be available to show the multi-view content.


Programme & registration

This workshop will take place in Rennes (France) on 16th December 2010. For the detailed programme and online registration, please see the MUSCADE website. For more information on MUSCADE and the EBU's views on 3DTV, you can contact EBU Programme Manager Dr Hans Hoffmann.

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