The EBU has published a set of 15 Loudness test sequences to help equipment manufacturers implement 'EBU mode' according to the EBU loudness metering specification (EBU Tech 3341) and the Loudness Range descriptor (EBU Tech 3342). A set of rules for the use of the EBU R 128 Loudness logo is also provided.



Test material


As was shown at the IBC this year, many hardware and software vendors in the professional audio sector support the EBU Loudness Recommendation EBU R 128 with products by implementing the specifications from EBU Tech 3341 and EBU Tech 3342 . With the EBU test set any implementer can now easily check if his equipment is likely to be compliant. The test set provides a way to help verify a number of key parameters of the implementation. If a loudness meter that is aimed to be 'EBU mode' compliant does not show the expected measurement results for the test set, it is likely to be *not* compliant. The test material is available for free and can be downloaded here.



Logo rules


To signal 'EBU mode' compliance, vendors may want to use the EBU R 128 logo. The EBU allows for the use of this logo for compliant products and their marketing as long as a set of basic rules



For more information on the EBU's Loudness work, contact the EBU Loudness Group coordinator: Frans de Jong (EBU)

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