EBU.IO - Software & Open Source Projects


EBU.IO is a platform where EBU and Members can publish, run demonstrations and proofs-of-concept, access starter kits and manage experimental services.


EBU Technology & Innovation has created this platform to facilitate the application of best practice in software development across all of our project groups. This helps to preserve software-related knowledge for the benefit of the whole community, as well as improving the usability, availability and credibility of the code developed. For developers and users alike EBU.IO offers:


• An experimental environment with a uniform user experience for different projects;

• A common framework to simplify integration with EBU's systems such as 'Single Sign On';

• A single stack of common services like automated builds, analytics and monitoring.


In time we hope that this platform will also become a trusted source of information about open source software that can be used by EBU Members and the wider broadcast media community.






Libraries, tools and experimental services developed internally or as part of EBU project groups.




A place where developer posts can quickly build up a knowledgebase around IO Projects



A place to float new ideas that may be of interest to other Members and explore options for further development



A database of open source projects developed elsewhere, but used by EBU Members.