RAP: WRC '15 preparations


  The WRC '15 experts


The key topics that the Spectrum Community sub-group on RAP is working on the preparation of EBU positions for the World Radiocommunications Conference 2015 (WRC-15) agenda items that relate to broadcasting. The group is also collecting information on the costs of the rearrangement activities related to the clearing of the790-862 MHz band.


The tasks of the Project Group Regulatory and Policy are:


  • ► Support  spectrum requirements for broadcasting and PMSE services in relevant CEPT and ITU groups and advise EBU Members on developments.
  • ► Coordinate and promote EBU positions for WRC-15 on agenda items related to broadcasting issues and advise on actions required.
  • ► Monitor the development of relevant spectrum policy issues in the EU/EC and respond as appropriate e.g. to discussions in the European Parliament, the Commission and the Council on the Spectrum inventory as part of the future Radio Spectrum Policy Programme (RSPP).
  • ► Analyse regulatory aspects with regard to the digital dividend and contribute, as appropriate, to relevant bodies (CEPT, ITU, EC, etc.).