EBU Group on Video Contribution over IP (VCIP)




There has been progress by SMPTE and VSF in standardisation of technology for IP based Video Contribution technologies. This concerns MXF as streaming wrapper (with compressed essence such as JPEG2000) as well as uncompressed video formats with the SMPTE 2022 standards suite. Industry is now starting implementation. However, before Members invest in equipment, an evaluation should be undertaken to test interoperability and performance in typical contribution applications. Best practices and guidelines should be provided to Members and Eurovision.




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 Date Description Status
Q2/12 Update report on standards (SMPTE, VSF, DVB) and Market situation on Video contribution over IP; Update report on potential market acceptance through NAB survey (EBU) with relevant manufacturers of contribution equipment.  
Q2/12 Perform MXF streaming interop. test and feedback to Members and standards bodies (provided equipment available)  
Q3/12 Webinar on MXF Low latency Streaming.  
Q3-Q4/12 Follow the SMPTE 2022-5/6 standardisation and conduct interop. Test (partnership with VSF) as soon as possible.  
Q4/12 Overview Webinar on Video Contribution over IP.  
Q1/13 Final EBU doc. on VCIP parameter in accordance with SMPTE MXF streaming and SMPTE 2022, depending on availability of relevant SMPTE 2022 standards.  






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