EBU Expert Community on Metadata


The EBU Expert Community on Metadata (ECM) covers all existing EBU metadata activities and investigates new fields of strategic importance for the broadcasting community. An overview can be found navigating the metadata webpages; from the maintenance of existing specificatioms to the investigation of semantic web.


Ongoing work


1. Development of a conceptual semantic data model for file-based production (SOA WS compliant) and distribution.

2. Develop a sevice for evaluation of automatic extraction tools and a mpeg-7 profile for collecting metadata in a common format.

3. Promotion of EBUCore as a common metadata format in collaboration with the EUScreen project and Europeana.

4. TV-Anytime specification maintenance in ETSI.

5. Participation in the W3C Media Annotation WG.

6. Active collaboration in IPTC (NewML-G2, SportSML-G2 and associated semantic models).

7. Evaluation of the use of semantic web and linked data.