Audio Subjective Testing

Helps Members to develop tools for the subjective assessment of sound programme quality.

Despite advancements in modern sound monitoring and measurement technology, the human ear alone is able to judge the aesthetic or artistic quality of programme material.  Audio subjective testing should be an integral part of all sound and TV programme-making operations. It is important for broadcasters to take this into consideration.

EBU Technology & Innovation Workplan

Every two years, the EBU develops a roadmap for technology and innovation activities based on the requirements and inputs given by EBU Members. The result of this roadmap is our bi-annual EBU Technology & Innovation Workplan. Strategic programmes and project groups are set up to focus on specific areas of interest. To access the latest Workplan, click here.

EBU Project Group on Audio Subjective Testing

The topic of Audio Subjective Testing is part of the EBU's Strategic Programme on Future Audio Formats and Renderers.

Main activities:

  • Collaborates with EBU Members to develop tools for the subjective assessment of sound programme quality.
  • Promotes the importance of testing audio systems. 
  • Provides guidance documents and best practice to support you carrying out your tests.

​Join us

If you are interested in Audio Subjective Testing, join our group on this topic and participate in the discussions.  Some restrictions may apply. 

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