Archived events

LIST v2.0: The new EBU Live IP Software Toolkit

This webinar introduces and explains the latest version 2.0 of the EBU Live IP Software Toolkit (LIST) – a suite of software tools that helps to inspect, measure, and visualize the state of IP-based media production environments and the high-bitrate media traffic they carry. LIST v2.0 adds a host of new capabilities and many improvements.

Wireless Everything and Electromagnetic Interference – Keeping the Airwaves Clean

This webinar explained what electromagnetic compatibility is and why it is important. Aiming to make this subject more accessible, it highlights some examples of interference sources and introduces the key standards bodies, showing how they relate to each other and how the EBU can influence outcomes.

Using Carbon Calculators for Productions

In this public Roundtable, several broadcast organizations will present how they started on their journey of using carbon calculators to measure the sustainability of productions, their lessons learnt along the way and what their refined methods look like now.

Hybrid and Cloud Production Case Study – BBC Springwatch

Join this webinar to learn how BBC R&D is bringing together ML-based computer vision and other automation tools in its Cloud infrastructure, and how the organization thinks media production in the cloud should work.

GAIA-X – The Next Gen Data Infrastructure for Europe

This EBU Tech Roundtable aims to kick off a conversation on the proposed GAIA-X European cloud infrastructure and the potential use-cases for media organization in Europe.

Radio Production in the Cloud

This EBU tech roundtable was organized by the EBU Radio Production group.

SRT Workflows and Challenges

This EBU Tech Roundtable was about SRT. EBU Members shared their experiences in using it in production

Network Technology Seminar 2021

The EBU Network Technology Seminar is the annual rendezvous for experts dealing with IP-based media production infrastructure, IT networks and storage solutions for broadcast media content. NTS 2021 will be a fully virtual event due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

27th Technical Assembly

The TA takes stock of current and future media technology trends and reviews the work done on behalf of the EBU Membership. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the TA 2021 will be held largely online.