Archived events

The EBU continues to monitor the situation and assess the potential impact of COVID-19 on its events in Geneva and across Europe in line with WHO guidelines and updates from national authorities. Please get in touch with your EBU event coordinator in case of any changes to the event programme and/or discuss your concerns and, if necessary, make alternative arrangements.



Cloud Production Technology - Grabyo

This EBU Tech Roundtable took a closer look at Grabyo's solution for live production.

Audio Definition Model for absolute beginners

This webinar for EBU Members addresses producers and implementers of innovative audio content and technology. It provides an overview of the Audio Definition Model (ADM) for audio metadata.

Cloud Production Technology - Kiswe Studio

In this EBU Tech Roundtable we took a closer look at the cloud-based solution offered by Kiswe.

Accessibility Workshop

A two-hour workshop to help determine what accessibility aspects the EBU's technical work should focus on next.

Cloud Production Experiences - Yle

In this EBU Tech Roundtable Yle representatives shared several cloud and on-premise production experiences.

STT Benchmarking

In this webinar, the makers and several users of the opensource 'STT Benchmarking' tool will explain the tool's principles, useful metrics and applications. The second part of the webinar addresses developers and provides an overview of the code and guidance for its integration.

Media CyberSecurity Seminar 2020

The EBU Media Cybersecurity Seminar assembles a line-up of leading security experts in the media industry for an exchange on current online security risks, mitigation strategies and industry trends.

Newsroom Workflows

Newsrooms are the beating heart of media organizations and technology has a great impact on their efficiency. This Roundtable invites EBU Members to join a conversation on this topic and kicks off the activities of a new EBU task force on Newsroom Workflows.

26th EBU Technical Assembly

The TA takes stock of current and future technology trends that impact the media industry, and reviews the work done in EBU Strategic Programmes on behalf of the EBU Membership. The TA 2020 also elects a new Technical Committee. Due to COVID-19, the TA 2020 was exceptionally held not in June, but on 6-7 October, and online.