Archived events

The EBU continues to monitor the situation and assess the potential impact of COVID-19 on its events in Geneva and across Europe in line with WHO guidelines and updates from national authorities. Please get in touch with your EBU event coordinator in case of any changes to the event programme and/or discuss your concerns and, if necessary, make alternative arrangements.



Open Source Meetup


Normally a physical gathering at IBC in Amsterdam, the Open Source Meetup 2020 is held as a virtual event. It gathers developers working on open source projects for media and broadcasting as well as those wanting to learn more or to talk to the makers behind relevant projects.

The state of play in Live IP

Join this webinar to learn how far high-performance Live IP production technology based on SMPTE ST 2110 has matured, how some of the first large-scale deployments have gone, wish-lists from first-hand users, essential tools, and more.

AI, Data and Recommendation tools for Journalists

Join this webinar to learn about some of the tools for journalists and editorial environments created by the EBU and its Members.

Next Generation Audio with the EAR Production Suite

Create Next Generation Audio content that is compatible with all major NGA systems. Join this webinar to learn about the open source Next Generation Audio production plugins created by EBU Members under the EBU umbrella.

Sustainability in Broadcast Technology

Join this Tech Roundtable to learn and learn about the impact of various technology aspects in media operations on sustainability. With presentations by the BBC, ITV and Green Film Tools.

Live media production in the cloud

Tech Roundtable

EBU Members were invited to join this Tech Roundtable to share experiences and needs around cloud-based live media production, to identify key use-cases, and highlight questions for the EBU to focus on. This first Roundtable will be followed by a series of events focussing on specific solutions.



In this webinar, we outline EBU’s Technical Report 055, make a case for various types of automation, and explain some key concepts and terminology, giving examples for how automation is being used by EBU Members for development, deployment and configuration activities.

Aspect Ratios

Tech Roundtable

'Thanks to' social media and handhelds, we now have content not only in the television aspect ratios of 16:9 and 4:3, but also in e.g. 9:16 and 1:1. In this Tech Roundtable EBU Members shared their experiences with handling different aspect ratios in a common workflow.

Timed Text Subtitles over RTP


Learn how W3C Timed Text (TTML) Subtitles can be carried over RTP. In this public webinar, James Sandford (BBC) introduced IETF RFC 8759 RTP Payload for Timed Text Markup Language (TTML), preparing the ground for their use in SMPTE 2110 IP-based Production infrastructures.