Sagar Gordhan (Nokia Siemens Networks)


Sagar is Head of Technology and Convergence within the Media and Entertainment business line at Nokia Siemens Networks. Here he is responsible for defining the overall strategy and roadmap for Media and Entertainment solutions. He also actively participates in international standards such as the DVB and Open IPTV Forum.

Sagar joined Nokia Siemens Networks from Myrio, where he was a Product Manager for IPTV software. Prior to Myrio, Sagar worked at Fujitsu, UK where he was a Senior Systems Engineer within DSL Solutions. At Fujitsu he was responsible for developing voice and video solutions for Fujitsu’s xDSL product portfolio. Prior to Fujitsu, Sagar worked at British Telecommunications’ R&D centre in the UK on network management solutions for ATM and IP networks.

Sagar received an MSc with distinction in Telecommunications Engineering from London University and also holds a B.Eng(Hons) in Electronic Engineering from Nottingham University.




Octoshape’s Qt4TV


Qt is an open source cross-platform application and UI framework for embedded devices. It is today in wide use across industry segments including automotive, home automation and most importantly media and entertainment to deliver highly performing and rich media applications. The Webkit HTML 5 browser is ported to Qt, called Qt Webkit.


Qt allows native, browser based or hybrid applications to be developed based on the needs of the application. Optimal user experiences can be delivered due to integration with chipset HW acceleration. There is wide open source community support in terms of tooling and APIs. As a result, Qt is gaining broad adoption among hardware vendors and application providers in the home media and entertainment industry for delivering TV applications for set top boxes and IP connected fixed, portable and mobile media devices. Qt is used in the open source MeeGo multi-device platform. It has also been adopted by major IPTV Service Providers for their next generation service offerings. Community based Qt ports are already available for Android and upcoming for Apple IOS.In this presentation we will discuss the Qt application framework and the benefits of using it to deliver cross-platform and cross-device TV applications.