Eurovision Flow

A Multi-CDN service for improved Quality of Service and reduced cost of media delivery

The EBU created Eurovision Flow with its Members in 2016. The service allows media organizations to reduce the costs of online media delivery while also improving the quality of experience of their online services. Since its creation, Eurovision Flow has become one of the most trusted brands for premium Multi-CDN services in the market.

Online media delivery is becoming more relevant and our Members' online services are growing in popularity – but the higher cost of online delivery can put a strain on the budgets of public service media. With Eurovision Flow, the EBU provides a convenient solution that combines robust technology for maximised quality of service and economies of scale for a market price that is difficult to attain by a single organisation.

Eurovision Flow optimises the quality of experience by automatically selecting and switching to the best available Content Distribution Network (CDN) for a given user. The stacking of several CDNs, and the use of dynamic switching algorithms, guarantees unrivalled capacity. Eurovision Flow employs market-leading and future-proof technologies. It has proven to be a highly reliable service with no single point of failure. Costs are reduced thanks to the buying power of a combined customer base, the reduced risk of vendor lock-in, and a simplification of the technology stack for customers.

In early 2020, the EBU selected Leaseweb, the European cloud computing and web service provider, as the preferred international distributor for the Eurovision Flow Multi-CDN solution. Leaseweb also contributes its Multi-CDN management and switching technology to the stack of services provided in Eurovision Flow.

Eurovision Flow is as media/broadcast optimised Multi-CDN service also available to companies outside the EBU membership. Visit for more information.

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