Metadata Specifications

Over the last few years the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and its members have developed metadata specifications to facilitate the search and exchange of content.



EBU Tech 3293 (EBUCore) is the flagship of EBU's metadata specifications. Combined with the EBU Class Conceptual Data Model (CCDM) of simple business objects, EBUCore provides the appropriate framework for descriptive and technical metadata for use in Service Oriented Architectures and also in audiovisual ontologies for semantic web and linked data developments . EBUCore has been adopted by several broadcasters around the world. It is referenced by the UK DPP (Digital Production Partnership). It has been selected as the best 'core' and integrated in MediaCorp' metadata framework. It is the foundation of technical and descriptive metadata in FIMS 1.0. It is also the metadata scheme of reference in the project EUScreen (European portal on audiovisual public archives counting 12 EBU members and national archives), which delivers linked data to Europeana . EBUCore has been published as AES60 by the Audio Engineering Society ( AES ).


The Nordiff group is also using EBUCore for metadata exchange between Nordic countries. The Swiss archive project Memoriav is using EBUCore for its Memobase. The W3C Media Annotation Ontology is based on EBU's Class Conceptual Data Model and is fully compatible with EBUCore, which mapping has been defined and published as part of the W3C specification. EBUCore is also being registered in SMPTE. EBU and Limecraft have developed a MXF SDK for embedding/extracting EBUCore metadata in MXF files.  Audio and metadata experts continue their collaboration on the definition of a new metadata model to improve audio description in EBUCore.


EBUCore is also at the heart of EBU's semantic web developments. EBU has developed several collaborations with partners such as Perfect Memory developing solutions for the management, archiving, automatic indexation, and  ready-for-monetization packaging of mass media contents (video). First Perfect Memory (EBUCore compliant)middleware deployments  can be found at RTBF and Radio-France.


Tech 3295 (P-META) is a library of xml-based descriptive elements and datatypes now superseded by EBUCore.



The EBU is otherwise collaborating with other standardisation bodies  like it is the case with IPTC on NewsML-G2, a metadata format for news exchange (EBU defined the audiovisula requirements for remoteContent and the part elements).  " EBU Eurovision News Exchange " is a technical specification detailing the NewsML-G2 mapping into which data is now transmitted operationally.


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