EBU Project Group on Service Level Agreements (SLA)


  This Project Group addresses the challenge of translating the business needs of the Broadcast Media Organisations into the framework of Service Level Agreements used by the Network Service Providers.



Broadcast Media Organisations are more and more using data networks from Network Service Providers to transport their media content. Conventional Service Level Agreement needs to take into account the real-time nature and availability requirements of the broadcast media business. This project is about providing a common ground so that the service level can be defined to suit the needs of broadcasters within the framework of the service providers.



• Tech 3361:  High Level Guidelines  (Published in June 2013)

• Tech 3361-2: Glossary of Terms  (Published in March 2014)

• Technical Parameters Tech doc (new target Q2/14)


  • Participation of non-members

In order to represent and protect the interests of its Members, the EBU's Technical Project Groups may be restricted to Members only, or they may be open to relevant non-EBU entities (non-members).


In Service Level Agrements, the work is done in collaboration with experts from Network Service Providers. We therefore invite non-members who can contribute to this discussion to request to join the group.


Parent Strategic Programme
Chair Yuan-Xing Zheng (BBC)
Coordinator Felix Poulin (EBU)
Assistant Elisabeth Ecoffey (EBU)



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