Quality Control


        This Strategic Programme is about Quality Control (QC). Broadcasters moving to fileā€based production facilities have to consider how to use automated QC systems. Manual QC alone is not adequate anymore and it does not scale.



Four Use Cases

The EBU Strategic Programme on Quality Control (QC) has identified four main use cases:

1. Ingest
2. Legacy archive transfer to files
3. Final programme delivery
4. Programme exchange



The Programme is specifying detailed requirements for the above use cases (the EBU 'QC Criteria') and guidance on their implementation in broadcasters' workflows.


- See this 'periodic table' for an overview of all EBU QC Criteria.
- Download EBU Tech 3363 for details on all QC Criteria currently defined.

- QC test sequences are available for active group participants .


More information

See our Quality Control page for an overview of available presentations, articles, etc.


How to join

If you are a broadcaster or QC product provider or System Integrator, and you want to participate in this work, click the  'Join this Programme' button on the right-hand side of this page. For help, contact: Elisabeth Ecoffey (EBU) .

EBU Tech 3363

The EBU Quality Control group has published the first release of its set QC test definitions as EBU Tech 3363.

Chair Andy Quested (BBC)
Reinhard Knör (IRT)
Roman Meszmer (ORF)
Coordinator Frans de Jong (EBU)
Assistant Elisabeth Ecoffey (EBU)



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