EBU Group on Metadata Models
  Metadata and associated applications are developed in this project.




The Metadata Models (MM) project covers all fundamental metadata activities and investigates new fields of strategic importance for the broadcasting community. An overview can be found navigating the metadata webpages.


The scope of this group includes conceptual data models, XML schemas and associated solutions / applications, as well as mapping tools. MIM develops and proposes metadata specifications accordingly.


Trends analysis and the influencing of metadata developments, with goal of future adoption by the broadcasting community are goals of this Group too. Think for example of the developments in semantic web technologies.


Recent achievements:


- EBUCore 1.3, P-META 2.2, EBUCS 1.1

- Co-authoring of W3C Media Annotation Working Group's 'MA-ONT' (RDF/OWL ontology)

- First draft Class Conceptual Data Model (CCDM)

- EBUCore adoption and mappings: SMMCore, FIMS 1.0, W3C MAWG, etc.

- TV-Anytime specification maintenance in ETSI.

- IPTC NewsML-G2 follow-up

- Semantic web and linked data: EBUCore and NewsML-G2 (Eurovision profile) RDF

Chair Gunnar Dahl (NRK)
Coordinator Jean-Pierre Evain (EBU)
Assistant Elisabeth Ecoffey (EBU)



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